Action! PC Football

Action! PC Football 2008.0

Is the most researched and detailed football game on the market
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2008.0 (See all)

Action! PC Football is the most researched and detailed football game on the market. Play the game with the default settings or easily modify coaching profiles, leagues, teams, players, rules, and much more. Action! PC Football can be played head-to-head, against the computer, or over the internet! No matter which way you play, you'll enjoy the real football feel of Action! PC Football.
Main features:
- Quick and easy internet play.
- Customizable game screen.
- Easy to use league and team coaching functions. Create and modify your own leagues, teams, and players.
- Detailed computer coaching and roster management tools. Easily make simple and complex coaching profiles.
- Hundreds of standard and customizable reports.
- Play teams from different eras*. See how favorite "old" players match-up against current favorites. *Seasons are sold separatel

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